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IT Quits-Now What

“My IT person just quit! What should I do now!?” If you haven’t said these words yet, just wait – it’s a matter of time. For small businesses and organizations, […]


We don’t often think of it this way, but our technology providers are rather intimate with our businesses. Indeed, technology touches almost every area of our businesses – from allowing […]

Ransomware Protection

No matter how many times your IT provider, the evening news and fellow business owners warn you of the danger of ransomware attacks, you don’t take it seriously it until […]


You may remember that the Colorado Department of Transportation was attacked by ransomware twice – one of which was successful – earlier this year. The successful attack sent 2,000 employees […]


Ransomware has been all over the news recently. If a company as large as Equifax can fall victim to a ransomware attack, you can be sure small businesses are at […]

simpleworks logo at the front desk

  At Simpleworks, fall is a time of new beginnings. We have two major announcements to share with you on our new beginnings: Our new website is now live, check […]

At Simpleworks, we recognize the need for our customers to have access to as many of our support services as possible. To address this need, our recently redesigned website has […]

Not every company has an IT infrastructure and budget large enough to justify full managed services of their environment. And some companies are only looking for a little help in […]

Clear the Way to Your Business with Unified Communications Communication solutions have one basic function: removing obstacles between you and your customers. A basic technology like the telephone allows people […]

Most business owners wouldn’t imagine operating without an insurance policy to cover break-ins, accidents, fires, and other unforeseeable disasters. But many businesses fail to appreciate the need to insure their […]