We understand how to support customers with sensitive data and compliance needs. You will receive the same high quality service that our other customers receive but with additional consideration for your medical industry-specific requirements.

Managed Services

We work with our customers to design the best solutions available according to their budget. Here are a few ideas that you should consider to improve the IT health of your practice:


Leverage the power of Microsoft Exchange.

Microsoft Exchange is the world’s leading email, calendaring, and contact management software. If you are still using a free, unsupported email service for your firm, now is the time to switch to Microsoft Exchange.

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Colocate your mission-critical applications.

Hosting your core business applications at a private datacenter provides added redundancy, security, and speed, particularly for a practice with multiple locations.

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Back up your data.

Protect your practice by backing up your critical data to a secure, encrypted, off-site location.

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Perform an annual HIPAA risk assessment.

Keep your practice compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) by performing a yearly HIPAA risk assessment.

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