Non-profit organizations typically have strict requirements and tighter budget constraints to work with than traditional for-profit organizations. We offer special pricing and consideration to non-profit organizations. Please contact us today to see how Simpleworks can help with your IT services.

Managed Services

We work with our customers to design the best solutions available according to their budget. Here are a few ideas that you should consider to improve your organization’s current IT health:


Colocate your mission-critical applications.

Hosting your core business applications at a private datacenter provides added redundancy, security, and speed, particularly for an organization with multiple locations.

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Standardize your internal communications.

If you aren’t taking advantage of interoffice chat, Voice over IP, and desktop sharing, then you are wasting valuable time tracking down your staff to share information.

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Back up your data.

Prevent losing your critical data by keeping a backup copy locally and a secondary copy off-site.

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Perform an annual network and security assessment.

Protect your organization by performing a yearly network and security risk assessment.

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