If your point-of-sale systems are offline, your retail business is losing money. Simpleworks will design your network for resiliency so the sales keep coming in, uninterrupted.

Managed Services

We work with our customers to design the best solutions available according to their budget. Here are a few ideas that you should consider to improve your business’s current IT health:


Build redundancy into your network.

Retaining a low-cost secondary internet connection assures that you will still have access to your point-of-sale system even if your primary Internet connection is unavailable.

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Colocate your mission-critical applications.

Hosting your business applications at a datacenter (“in the cloud”) provides added redundancy and speed, especially for businesses with multiple storefront locations.

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Back up your data.

Prevent losing your critical customer transaction data by keeping one copy locally and a secondary copy off-site.

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Perform an annual HIPAA risk assessment.

Protect your business by staying compliant with Payment Credit Industry (PCI) standards.

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