Too Much Spam? Simpleworks Can Help!

A screenshot of an email account's Spam foider

Spam has been an unavoidable nuisance as long as there has been email. It’s not hard to see why: spammers can send out millions of emails for free. Even if only 1 person in 1,000 buys the product, spam is generating hundreds or even thousands of additional sales.

As email clients have matured, they’ve gotten better at detecting spam and discarding it before it clutters your inbox. Despite the advances, spammers are constantly finding new ways of working their ads into unsuspecting email accounts. Many times these emails are soliciting scams or contain links that can automatically download nasty viruses that can seriously damage your computer and those in your contact list. Spam is not completely unavoidable, though. Simpleworks offers spam solutions that work!

Getting Rid of Spam with DirectMX

DirectMX is one of the best spam solutions on the market today. DirectMX is an email filtering solution that protects your computer or network from receiving—or even sending—spam. It uses heuristics (complex algorithms and principles) to filter incoming emails. These various metrics generate a spam score that is compared to a table to determine if the incoming email is spam or not. DirectMX can be set to either quarantine or reject the incoming spam.

It’s also important to make sure that your network is not sending spam. We’ve all gotten odd emails from people we know that just contain a strange, anonymous link. DirectMX can monitor sent emails to ensure that email accounts in the network have not been hijacked. If email clients in your network are continually sending spam, the server reputation will be affected, which could cause your regular outgoing mail to be rejected by other email clients. Of course, the best way to ensure you’re clients aren’t spamming their contact list is by blocking the virus spam before it ever gets in.

Spam Solutions that Work from Simpleworks

Simpleworks is southern Colorado’s leading IT support company. We specialize in setting up networks with DirectMX. Even if you don’t have hosted email service with us, we can protect you with the power of DirectMX. Give us a call today if you are being relentlessly spammed and hacked! You don’t have to live with the aggravation and lost productivity.