Anti-Spam Solutions

anti-spam email solutions

Increase your productivity by reducing spam with DirectMX anti-spam firewall services from Simpleworks. DirectMX provides an effective and reliable filter to keep your business email spam free. Take a peek at the premium anti-spam solutions listed below.


  • Spam filtering
  • Virus filtering
  • Store and forward
  • Smart host relay
  • Whitelists
  • Blacklists
  • Rules and quarantines

Technical features of our DirectMX anti-spam filtration:

SPAM Filtering

With DirectMX, you can filter away all unwanted emails by utilizing features such as whitelists, blacklists, and bayesian filtering. Such advanced features allow you to filter only the emails you don’t want and keep the ones you do.

Virus Filtering

Scan for viruses in your email and quarantine them before they infect your network.

Store and Forward

Messages can be stored locally for up to 5 days should the destination server become unavailable. No more worrying about missed emails due to an email server outage.

Smart Host Relay

Smart host relay allows us to filter your email for spam and viruses before it reaches your customers. This service helps to prevent your server from becoming blacklisted on the Internet.


Increase Productivity

Eliminate annoying junk mail from your inbox. DirectMX will stop offensive and malicious emails before they ever reach your users. This flexible anti-spam filter will allow your users to focus on the messages that really need their attention.


Protect against Phishing Scams and Identity Theft

Phishing emails aim to dupe their recipients into sharing personal information for the purpose of stealing their identity. Through the use of heuristics and access to a list of known phishing addresses, DirectMX will block emails to and from those addresses to prevent your sensitive information from being leaked to phishers.


Protect against Viruses and Botnets

Our DirectMX anti-spam filter will also look for viruses in both your inbound and outbound mail, preventing you from becoming or even creating a malicious botnet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does DirectMX work with LDAP?

Yes, LDAP is our preferred method for authentication.

Does DirectMX work with POP and IMAP?

Yes. However, we are unable to limit the number of boxes associated with your account due to the limitations of POP and IMAP. Therefore, your pricing may vary each month.

Can I check and read my emails online with this service?

DirectMX is a filtering service only and does not provide hosted email. If you are interested in a hosted email solution, give one of our sales associates a call at  719-476-0444 and they will be happy to help you find the correct solution.