Backups and Disaster Recovery


Failed hardware, viruses, natural disasters, malicious actions, and even simple mistakes can destroy your data. Will you let them destroy your business?


  • Cloud storage (off-site)
  • Instant virtualization (SIRIS 2)
  • Incremental backups
  • Bare-metal restoration
  • Data encryption

Technical highlights for Datto backups:

Hybrid cloud backups

Hybrid cloud backups provide redundancy by storing a copy of your backup both locally (on-site) and in the cloud (off-site). Should a problem occur that destroys the data that was stored locally, the data stored off-site in the cloud can act as a replica site for your business.

Instant Virtualization

Your backups can be virtualized with the click of a button and run locally on-site or off-site in the cloud. This feature allows us to replicate any failed server hardware almost instantaneously, which Minimizes downtime and allows your staff to continue to work while we make repairs or order new hardware to replace the failed item. This feature is only available in the Datto SIRIS 2 series appliances.

Backup Insights

Now, where did that file go? If you accidentally delete a file or folder but can’t remember exactly when it happened, we can find out for you. Backup Insights allows us to identify changes between any two backup points and determine when the file was lost and where on your system the file used to reside.


Business Continuity

Can your business continue to operate during or after a disaster? Part of your business continuity plan must include reliable backups. With Datto backups from Simpleworks, you will have the tools necessary to recover your critical data in the event of disaster. With the assistance of instant virtualization, you can also recreate your damaged or missing servers, both on-site or in the cloud, so you can continue your business’s daily operations.


HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA requires that your data be encrypted and that vendors such as Datto must comply with security and breach notification rules. Datto voluntarily adheres to the most stringent security requirements.


Peace of Mind

Calculate the cost of continuing your business without the data or the cost to recreate the data. Now think about notifying your customers in the event of a compromise, and the damage this could do to your reputation. With Datto backups from Simpleworks, you do not need to stress out about these scenarios. No, with Datto backups from Simpleworks, you will have total peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I virtualize a copy of my server in the cloud?

Yes, virtual machines can be booted both locally and off-site in the cloud. However, this is only the case with customers who purchase the Datto SIRIS 2 series appliances.

Will my data be encrypted?

Yes, with Datto backups from Simpleworks, your data will be automatically encrypted as it is sent off-site.  You also have the option to encrypt data that is stored locally on the backup device.

Where will my data be stored?

There will be one copy of your data on the physical Datto appliance. It is recommended that this appliance be located in the same building as the servers you are backing up. A second copy of your data can be stored off-site in the cloud at one of Datto’s private datacenters. This second copy of your data located in the cloud creates a very robust disaster aversion plan for your business.