Business Internet


Simpleworks has teamed up with Data102, Colorado Springs’ premiere datacenter, to provide you with the best Internet available in Southern Colorado. Using their multi-homed bandwidth, we will connect you with several major Internet service providers to guarantee that you always get the fastest path to the Internet. We also partner with other local ISP’s such as Comcast, Centurylink, Falcon Broadband, and Skybeam.


The businesses of today have options when it comes to which type of Internet connection they choose. We will help you determine which connection is right for your business based on your unique goals and requirements.



Our T1’s are direct point to point connections from your business to our POP located inside Data102, Colorado Springs’ premier datacenter. A single T1 carries 1.5Mbps of data per second, and we can bond up to five T1s to give you 7.5Mbps of Internet connectivity. Since we control both ends of the connection, we will ensure your link is stable and secure. We also provide *QOS free of charge on all of our T1’s, along with 24/7/365 monitoring to ensure that you have connectivity 100% of the time.


Metro Optical Ethernet

Metro Optical Ethernet (MOE) is the fiber optic alternative to traditional Internet connections. Starting at 3Mbps with the capability to deliver up to 1000Mbps, Metro Optical Ethernet is the fastest Internet connection available. Our MOE service connects your place of business to the Data102 datacenter via TW Telecom, Centurylink, or Level 3 where your traffic takes advantage of Data102’s multi-homed Internet access. As with our T1 Internet connectivity, we can provide QOS* to ensure that your most important information always gets priority. We also monitor our MOE links to ensure that you have connectivity 100% of the time.


Cable and Wireless Internet

Simpleworks also has relationships with Colorado’s local cable and wireless Internet providers and can help you coordinate the best cable Internet solution for your business. Please contact us first if you think a cable or wireless connection is the best option for your business. We will help you take all factors under consideration before we make a recommendation.

*QOS, or Quality-of-Service, ensures that your most vital data always enters and exits the line first. This service is most important when handling voice service over your Internet connection. By ensuring that your voice service always has priority over your data, we effectively eliminate any jitter, drops, or stutters on your phone calls. With a QOS Internet connection from Simpleworks, you can surf the web while you talk without degrading your phone quality! Since our bandwidth is multi-homed and performance routed, you will always have the fastest, most reliable connection available. Should one of the major Internet providers be suffering an outage, your connection will stay connected. Using BGP4, we ensure that your data will always use the fastest path to its destination.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you provide BIG bandwidth to my business?

Yes, with our partners we can provide multi-Gbps access to several locations throughout Southern Colorado.

Why should I buy my internet through Simpleworks?

With Simpleworks as your advocate, you will find the best prices and solutions to meet your business’s exact Internet needs. We will also work with your Internet provider on your behalf should any technical issues arise.

Can you bundle phone service with my internet?

Yes, we offer a hosted handset service that can be bundled together with your Internet. Give us a call at 719-476-0444 to learn more about our MagnaVoip handset solution.