Email Services


Is your current email solution reliable? Email has become the most critical communication tool for many businesses, so do not make the mistake of relying on free email services to keep you connected with your customers.


  • Email, calendar, tasks
  • Shared address books
  • Group folders
  • Schedule meetings
  • Delegate and assign tasks
  • Forwarding
  • Aliases
  • Personal address book
  • Compatible with mobile devices

Simpleworks recommends the following email solution:

exchangeMicrosoft Exchange is the worlds standard for email, calendaring and planning software. At Simpleworks our fully trained staff is highly proficient in deploying, managing and supporting your Microsoft Exchange install. Whether you have a single installation or a muli-location federation, we are here to help.



Reliable email can be hard to find, but Microsoft Exchange is the world’s leading commercial email solution for a reason. This highly reliable and powerful email exchange server will make sure your organization is communicating effectively all day, every day.



Keeping appointments straight can be difficult, but Microsoft Exchange makes it easy. With recurring appointments, conflict notifications, and built-in reminders, you will never miss another appointment again.



Keep all of your important contacts in one secure place. Microsoft Exchange can sync your contacts across multiple devices. Never be without an important phone number or address again.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you offer a hosted Exchange service?

Yes, we do! Contact us for more information regarding our hosted Microsoft Exchange offering: 719-476-0444.

Can you help my upgrade my current Exchange server?

Yes, we have helped hundreds of companies upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Exchange.

Does Microsoft Exchange work with mobile devices?

Yes. In fact, that is one of its key features!