Security and Compliance


Regulatory requirements, high-tech attacks, and ongoing security erosion require you to regularly assess your company’s security and compliance. Simpleworks gives your business ways to address key security and compliance issues by assessing your business’s current risks. We then follow up with suggestions to eliminate those risks, and we will act on that plan when you are ready.

4-Step Process to Guarantee a Successful Audit:



Conduct a comprehensive risk assessment and analysis to discover any potential issues.



Create a detailed plan outlining the necessary fixes and changes required to remedy all found issues.



Implement the plan, and make all of the suggested changes.



Conduct a secondary comprehensive risk assessment to confirm that all found issues were remedied successfully.


HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance is a critical requirement for any healthcare business today. Simpleworks will safely and securely generate the following critical HIPAA documents on your behalf: HIPAA Policy and Procedures, HIPAA Risk Analysis, HIPAA Management Plan, Evidence of HIPAA Compliance, and all of the associated supporting documentation. With this information you can locate and fix any potential HIPAA violations before an official audit and keep the documentation as evidence for your annual HIPAA auditing requirement.


Network Assessment

Regulatory requirements, attacks, and the ongoing erosion of security technology all pose a threat to the health of your business. Simpleworks can help keep your business safe. We will carefully scan your network and find any potential threats, as well as compare your current network configuration against industry standard best practices. After our initial assessment, we will provide you with the following reports: Client Risk Summary Report, Full Network Assessment Report, Asset Detail Report, External Vulnerabilities Summary Report, Excel Asset Export Report, Change Management Report, and an XP Migration Readiness Report.


Security Assessment

Are you doing all that you can to protect your business? This report can be run as a one-time IT security assessment or as part of a regularly-scheduled security service. Simpleworks will identify insecurities in your company’s IT infrastructure and issue you the following reports: Security Risk Report, Security Policy Assessment rReport, Shared Permission Report, User Permission Report, and an Internal Vulnerabilities Full Detail Report. Armed with this information, you can implement fixes and prove that you are doing all you can to keep your company’s systems safe and secure.


Exchange Assessment

Need help planning for an email migration, creating a more secure exchange environment, or improving your own internal business documentation? This report will give you a comprehensive assessment of your company’s Microsoft Exchange environment. Simpleworks will create the following reports: Exchange Risk Report, Traffic and Use Report, Mobile Device Report, Mailbox Detail Report, Distribution Lists and Public Folders Report, and a Mailbox Permissions by User Report.


SQL Assessment

Assess potential threats and overall health of your databases before something critical goes down. Simpleworks can help you with the following reports: Routine Health Report, SQL Server Detail Report, Database Detail Report, Maintenance Plan Report, and a SQL Server Agent Jobs Report.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you need to come on-site to perform these assessments?

No, we do not. All of our audits can be preformed remotely as long as you can provide us with access to your company’s domain.

Are your assessments expensive?

Our assessments are all competitively priced and a fraction of the cost of failing an audit.

How often should I asses my business's IT infrastructure?

We recommend you assess your IT infrastructure at least once a year, but quarterly assessments are ideal.